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Electronic resources are results of the development of Information and Communication Technology. The Web portal is a collection of metadata links of open access books useful for education and research.  The purpose to create the web portal is to make aware students, faculty members, research scholars, government officials and law makers around the world about the existence of open access books protected under creative common licences, open access under copyright laws or under copyright free environment.  The web portal is an effort to provides access to free available books under open access policy worldwide.  The web portal has been developed with a view to provide Open Access Books available in public domain and under open access (Creative Commons Licenses) without consideration of any monitory benefits or aspects and can be used for education and research purpose, hence not liable for any breach of copyright.  In case of any objection by any organisation/individual, the noted link(s) would be excluded from the portal.  

A number of open access initiatives were adopted by various organisations and agencies around the world.  A brief timeline of such initiatives have been mentioned below:

Budapest Open Access Initiative launched by Open Society Institute, 2002

IFLA Internet Manifesto on "freedom of access to information" and the removal of "barriers to the flow of information 2002".  

Budapest Open Access Initiative, 2003.   

Directory of Open Access Journals, 2003

Bethesda Statement on Open Access Publishing, 2003

Berlin Declaration on Open Access to Knowledge in the Sciences and Humanities , 2003

The Public Domain of Digital Research Data , 2004

IFLA Statement on Open Access to Scholarly Literature and Research Documentation, 2004

Scottish Declaration of Open Access, 2004

Vienna Declaration: 10 Theses on Freedom of Information, 2005

The Salvador Declaration on Open Access: The Developing World Perspective, 2005

National Open Access Policy for Developing Countries, 2006

IFLA/UNESCO Internet Manifesto Guidelines, 2006

Principles And Guidelines For Access To Research Data From Public Funding, (OECD) 2006

Declaration on Access to Research Data From Public Funding, (OECD) 2006

Brussels Declaration on STM Publishing, 2007

Public Domain Dedication & Licence, 2008

Kigali Declaration on the Development of an Equitable Information Society in Africa, 2009

OpenAIRE (Open Access Infrastructure for Research in Europe), 2010

Open Access Journal Bibliography, 2010 

Bibliography on Citation Impact, 2010 

Durham Statement on Open Access to Legal Scholarship 2010

DOAB (Directory of Open Access Books), 2012

IS4OA (Infrastructure Services for Open Access), 2012

BOAI10 Recommendations, 2012

SCOAP3 (Sponsoring Consortium for Open Access Publishing in Particle Physics), 2014

Department of Biotechnology and Department of Science & Technology Open Access Policy for access to DBT and DST Funder Research, Government of India, December, 2014. (Registry of Research Data Repositories), 2015

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Open Access Policy 2015

Open Access Movements in 2018

Books hyperlinked in this web page are subject to copyright. This page provides access of all best possible sources where books available for open access are available with a view to provide a collective platform.  Open Access does not stands copy left books and subject to abide under copyright laws.  Please check copyright authorities provided by the author/publishers before distributing or copying text of the books for commercial purposes.  This web page is open and have not been been created for any commercial activities.  It supports purely to academic community for enhancement of research and educational peace of activities.

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